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About Us

We are a concierge travel company designing private tours, group tours, and group trips to engage and immerse yourself in the real local culture.

About Bernell King

My Passion

I am passionate about traveling like a local with locals. My life and relationships have been deeply enriched by over 24 years of experience in intercultural relations, coaching, consulting and training of expatriates, executives, families and children from around the world and travel to explore world cultures. I have traveled to 15 countries, over 300 cities and I speak 3 global languages: English, Japanese and Spanish. 

I’m led by an insatiable desire to learn, experience, be challenged, grow and contribute to other people. As I travel the world to discover countries, cultures, engage with local people and their distinct way of life, I desire to share the fullness of that experience with others.

My hope is that by creating and sharing these travel experiences, you will also learn, experience, be challenged, grow and contribute in your unique way and your individual genius to our beautiful world and other people. I am a lover of God, life, people, languages, cultures, nature, food, this world and I want to experience, share and contribute more to it all!

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We are a global community of global citizens sharing, caring, growing and contributing together through enriching travel experiences and relationships.


We create and customize immersive, life impacting travel experiences for our travelers and our local host community.

How and Why We Create Unique Immersive Travel Experiences

We truly believe the world awaits you! What is your impact and contribution to people and local communities? Our team spends extensive time in the country and culture building relationships with locals, our partners and creating meaningful, authentic cultural experiences. Then, we invite you to join a small group tour with us to experience the deeper culture, shift perspectives, learn, grow, and never be the same! Our ultimate goal and hope is that you will create meaningful relationships with our local hosts, other locals and travelers that continue beyond the tour to contribute to each other and local communities worldwide. Our travel concierges travel with you on tours to personalize your experience, offer attentive service, facilitate intercultural experiences, and ensure quality. The world awaits you!

My Approach to Traveling and Travel Coaching & Advising

I love travel! – I absolutely love to travel. I want to experience the world and help you do to the same.

I am curious – I ask questions, look, listen, and feel deeply.

I am a maven – I seek information, knowledge, wisdom and experiences that when applied and shared are powerful to effect positive experiences and change in lives and global communities.

I am an interculturalist – I value and celebrate people, cultures and ways of life.

I am relational – I connect with people and places to build long-term relationships and mutual opportunities to contribute and grow.

I am meticulous – I take a creative, thoughtful, and detailed approach to experience, enjoy and live the best our world has to offer.

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My Qualifications

I am an entrepreneur of 24 years of three companies and counting. I apply my skills as a professional, coach, consultant and trainer to travel management. I listen, observe, create, and develop people to capture opportunities to live, work and contribute at their highest level of genius. As a certified business process improvement professional in Lean Six Sigma and ISO 9001 Quality Standards Auditing, I apply these skills to deliver high quality, consistent, efficient services that meet your heart’s desires, and goals so that you can enjoy your travel, not manage it. I hold the travel industry certifications of:

IATAN Accredited #42743142

Airlines Reporting Corporation Verified Travel Consultant (ARC VTC) #42743142

American Society of Travel Advisors Member and Verified Travel Advisor (ASTA VTA 2021)

Certified Special Needs & Mobility Travel Advocate

Certified Destination Specialist for various countries