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Here we answer most generally pressing questions. If your question(s) isn’t answered, please contact us or book an appointment to talk to your travel coach.

A travel concierge is like your personal assistant for travel. Concierge Services give you full-service travel management door-to-door until you safely return home.

Concierge Services are best for clients who do not want to or do not have the time or energy to plan, research and manage their full travel plans and any issues that may happen. We manage your travel, so you can enjoy your trip. If you like to be hands-on in the process of travel planning and management, please consider our a la carte services and booking with our global travel partners.

Concierge services include:

  • Travel research
  • Travel planning
  • Travel coaching
  • Travel advising
  • Travel and destination expertise
  • Personalization / customization
  • Bookings and reservations
  • Issue-handling before, during, and after your trip
  • Risk-management
  • Quality control
  • All the benefits listed in your membership.

All paid concierge membership plans receive the same convenient benefits and services. Choose your member type based on how many times you travel per year (2 or more trips).

Truly exclusive benefits are discounts 10-20% on World Awaits services, priority access and 24-hour support while traveling. 

Your concierge membership type service fees are based on 6 total hours of personalized services per trip of full support from trip planning initiation to safe return home from your trip.

When a single trip requires less than 6 hours total concierge services, the unused hours will remain in your account for other trips that same year. When your travel requirements require more than 6 total hours of concierge services, we will advise you prior to planning initiation and provide you options for cost savings or additional payment options.

Concierge service membership fees paid are not refundable, but unused concierge service fees paid may roll-over for six (6) consecutive months for a total of eighteen (18) months from the date of membership plan start. After eighteen (18) months any unused hours of concierge services will expire. An added benefit is you can share or gift your unused concierge member trip planning or booking service time to a friend or family member prior to expiration. 

Your concierge service fees are used as a deposit towards your trips.

Concierge service fees are estimated based on the types of travel you plan to take and the frequency of travel annually. You can always adjust your plan up or down at the start of a new monthly billing.

If you change or cancel your monthly membership plan in the middle of the month or before month-end, your current plan benefits will continue until the end of the month. If you change your plan to a different plan, your new plan benefits and new monthly payment amount will begin at the beginning of the new month. If you cancel your plan, your billing card on file will no longer be billed.

Please reference the full current billing terms for your membership plan at the purchase and checkout step in the shopping cart and your membership portal.

Absolutely! For family or family-friend groups of 4 or more, we offer group concierge services and custom group travel arrangements. Please see our a la carte services for general group travel advisement, travel booking and reservations services, tours, and activities. These group services are available to family groups not living in the same household* (e.g. family and friends group trips, family reunions). If you’re seeking concierge travel services for your immediate, household family* of 4 or fewer members, please see the travel membership options or a la carte concierge services for 1-3 travelers.

* Family group trips of members in the same household means there is one responsible payee and one payment for the group trip, not individual member responsibilities and individual payments.

Our tagline “Travel Like a Local” simply means also adventuring to unexplored, “less famous” attractions where the locals would travel every day or on their holidays. To learn about the people, cultures, and uniqueness of a destination, sometimes we need to go to where the locals are! Traveling like a local and with locals is more than “off-the-beaten-path” travel. You could go off-the-beaten path and still not interact with the local people and culture in meaningful ways. We will experience the true character and various aspects of the destination. Get your free guide of Insights and Insider Tips of How to Travel Like a Local Not Like a Tourist!

With our free consultation, we can create a personalized guide for you. Our 5-step general process is:

  1. Create a World Traveler Profile
  2. Submit a Trip Request
  3. Schedule a discovery call
  4. Build your itinerary
  5. Travel, enjoy and live!

Absolutely! For a less frequent traveler, you can either sign up for our $1 premium World Awaits” membership, use our a la carte services whenever you need travel planning or booking support or just contact us for a free consultation to help us understand your needs.

A la carte services are available at your convenience to support your travel planning and booking as needed. Please see a list of current a la carte services available here. If you are seeking travel services not listed here, simply contact us. We may be able to support since we are a full-service travel agency.

Please see the a la carte service price list for fees not included in your free or paid membership fee such as fees for changes, cancellations, special services and requests, rebooking, refunds, passport and visa services, third-party supplier services and non-commissionable travel agent bookings. Prices and fees are subject to change without prior notification.

In-touch access is an exclusive, paid-member benefit that allows concierge travel members additional contact time when not traveling as needed to support with other travel needs. In-touch access is based on real-time availability. In-touch access is a general call up to 15-minutes per occurrence. Calls exceeding 15-minutes or more than two (2) calls per month may be billed toward your concierge services time. This may also indicate that you require a greater level of service and membership plan with more access time or more services.

Current additional paid member benefits include:

  • No printing service fees
  • No postage service fees (domestic, first class mail)
  • Share or gift your unused concierge member trip planning and booking service time to a friend or family member prior to expiration of unused hours.

We continue to add more member benefits and will keep you informed!