Enjoy Your Travel, Don’t Manage It

A travel coach and advisor takes the time to get to know you in order to create and build a connection that ensures your travel is not only as desired but exceeded –  to make sure you are enjoying, not managing your travel. 

World Awaits Cultural Tours’s focus is forming a long-term relationship with a traveler not just booking a trip. We use our eyes on the ground, local experience, knowledge, language and cultural expertise, global network and creativity to customize experiences that bring moments of happiness and meaning to all travelers.  We create opportunities for you to travel like a local and experience the unique qualities of the local people, location, and culture.

Here are some benefits of choosing our travel coaching and travel concierge services:

1. Personalized Experiences

Let’s face it, sometimes you are just out of time, energy and effort to research and book your travel, hotel, activities, etc. Travel Coaching means that World Awaits seeks to know and understand your goals, tastes, preferences, and sometimes even routines to tailor experiences suitable to you, your family, or your travel group.

This personal service and attention ensures that your goals, desires, tastes, and preferences are the basis for building your trip. We even send you ideas and options to customize and enhance your trip based on your requests and opportunities in the local destination.

2. Customized Travel Services

In the most busy seasons of your life which also happen to be the time you have to book travel with family or a group, you don’t have time to keep searching through all the numerous travel destinations, hotels, events and experience providers, etc. 

While this is both tiresome and time-consuming, we harness the power of travel agent exclusive searches and offers, and combined with our local experts to build the tailored experiences you are seeking.

3. Reliable Access to Competitive Rates, Professional Services and Perks

Do you know where you can get the best services at the best prices? Who and how to keep up with destination specific requirements by local governmental laws, ever-changing pandemic travel requirements, how to get from a to b, and local cultural differences, different ways of living, and nuances of communicating? Trip package suppliers, hotels, tour and activity providers maintain exclusive relationships, pricing, deals and packages with travel advisor partners for our clients.

It’s not just the best flight ticket. Think hotels, buses, trains, activities, restaurant reservations, entertainment, and so on. By integrating local expertise into our travel, World Awaits creates more reliable access to the best rates, packages and opportunities to enjoy your travel to the full.

4. Save Time, Do More!

Time and convenience are reasons why you would rather hire travel coaching and concierge services. By entrusting the tasks of travel planning and travel management to World Awaits, you free up time so you can relax, spend time with family and friends, submit that report on time, negotiate that deal, and complete other tasks on your to-do list.

5. Reduce Stress, Live More!

Professionals, expert resources, local resources, and years of travel planning experience makes it possible and efficient for our travel advisor to find or build that trip your heart desires – including your itinerary with details, reservations, education and tips.

As we say, enjoy your travel, don’t manage it – leave the managing to us. Let’s face it– all travel has some tedious, stressful, inconvenient, and unexpected matters. Together let’s minimize these potentially negative aspects of travel with careful, timely and thoughtful planning. It is enough for you to plan your life and work around your travel and time away to destress and refresh. Focus on bringing your best self, a positive attitude, a will to adapt, and a proper perspective to your vacation to be able to relate to yourself and your travel companions better during your trip.

6. Access to Expert’s Knowledge and Advice

Even if you are not traveling today or within the next few months, travel advisors and coaches, establish a relationship with you, learn more about you, your goals for travel, and your travel preferences. Once you give us your travel profile, preferences, and desired destinations, tours or types of travel, we proactively monitor for you trip deals, discounts, news, and new destination offerings. Sometimes, we approach travel only considering the logistics–book the flight, accommodation, some things to do, and let’s go. It takes a travel coach asking better questions and the right questions to get to the heart of what you and your travel companions really want in your trip and what you want out of your trip. Our travel coach-approach helps you to be and do more, and more of what you like and enjoy. 

World Awaits delights in looking for the best travel itineraries to make your life easier, your travel more enjoyable, refreshing you, intriguing your imagination, experiencing our beautiful, extraordinary world and growing you as a global citizen. 

Experience travel customized to you and your travel companions by entrusting your precious time, resources, plans, and your live-your-vision list (AKA “bucket list”) to World Awaits Cultural Tours.


Bernell King

Travel Coach | Founder & CEO | World Awaits Cultural Tours

I am passionate about traveling like a local with locals. My life and relationships have been deeply enriched by over 23 years of experience in international business, coaching, consulting and training of expatriates, executives, families and children from around the world.

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