Travel Tips for the Budget Conscious Traveler

Travel to countries where your money is stronger and lasts longer!

Explore visiting countries in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia where your currency would be stronger and the cost of living and enjoyment is less. Every country has naturally beautiful creations, unique cultural and historical assets, and a distinction to discover, appreciate and enjoy.

Travel like a local and with locals when you have insight or trusted local friends or family

Touristic spots and activities have inflated touristic prices. Safely traveling like a local introduces you to normal daily life, food, places, activities and entertainment that locals enjoy and typically at a lower price! It’s the same as in your hometown: you know where and how to get the best deals, best food, best prices, and at the best places.

Get a no-fee international debit card

Don’t spend your hard earned money on fees. Certain international debit cards do not have international transaction fees nor international ATM fees.

ATMs offer the better exchange rates on international currency change*

Use your no-fee international debit card to withdraw local currency at better rates with lower surcharges. Don’t be flippant or wasteful by using currency exchange vendors or your currency instead of local currency to pay for things–you will likely be overcharged every time! 

*Depending on your banking relationship, you may be able to order currency from your bank at lower rates and fees. However, depending on the length of your stay, it is not always recommended to travel with wads of cash and all your cash with you at all times.

Carry-on only bags

Don’t pay checked bag fees for short trips. Managing multiple bags or large luggage can add stress and logistical challenges, especially if you don’t know the “lay of the land” or you are traveling like a local. Choose a themed color-scheme wardrobe of mix and match coordinating styles, and less bulky clothing. You would only need up to 4 pairs of matching shoes: sneakers/boots (wear on the plane), comfy flat shoes, dressy shoes and flip flops. If your trip is less than 2 months, you only need carry-on luggage. Believe it or not it’s possible to travel and look great for a year with only carry-on luggage!

Get travel insurance coverage door-to-door, not just your flight or hotel package 

Today’s travel environment can be volatile, uncontrollable, changing, unpredictable and inconvenient especially with the addition of evolving pandemics, world crises, and varying laws and regulations of country governments. Don’t risk your precious vacation time, money, resources, enjoyment, and most of all, safety and well-being to save a few dollars. Most travel insurance policies for short trips are less than $50 USD. For trips a month-long, policies are less than $150 USD.

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