Universal Tried & True Travel Tips

Bring a great presence

Just as we pack our suitcases with appropriate and necessary items for our trips, let’s bring a good attitude, patience and a great presence for your travel companions, your local hosts and yourself. The goals of travel are to enjoy, rest, relax, refresh and rejuvenate. How can you and your group do this and what do you need to accomplish this goal? When you are challenged by circumstances or others, how can you remind yourself to respond well or re-center when you do lose it? Pack to minimize stress on yourself, stress on your body and stress on your travel companions caused by you! Basically, as I always say, don’t entrust your comfort and enjoyment to other people, nor rely on others solely to satisfy your needs.

Your Country’s Embassy

Note your country’s embassy contact information on your phone and on paper with your important travel documents. Often, at airports or ports, you will see a poster upon entry to the country. Take a picture of the posted contact information if you didn’t prepare ahead of time. If technology fails or your phone is lost or stolen, you still have a faithful paper copy of the embassy’s contact information. Find USA Embassy contact info here.

Get Travel Insurance

Purchase door-to-door, comprehensive coverage travel insurance in this volatile, ever-changing pandemic travel environment. Door-to-door coverage means your entire trip is covered, unlike purchasing single policies from airlines or hotels to only cover that aspect of your trip. Our insurance partner has a very straightforward travel insurance marketplace to filter and shop for the best plans at your risk tolerance level. You can seek policies with Cancel for Any Reason, COVID-19 Pandemic benefits or for special types of travel such as adventures and sport.

Paper Copies of Important Travel Documents

Color paper copies of passports and other critical health or personal identification information are still necessary. Of course, have digital copies saved on your phone in an app wallet, an easy to find folder or on your home screen. Don’t forget some forms of identification or documentation have a front and back copy. When technology fails, you still have a paper copy to access important information. These documents include but are not limited to: passport, driver’s license or national ID card, travel insurance policy.

Don’t Keep All Your Money in One Basket

Take multiple debit and credit cards if you can and have your country’s currency and the local currency at all times. Split up your debit and credit cards and cash by keeping some in a secure environment in your accommodations. If the unfortunate event of loss or theft occurs, you still have access to some cash and other cards.

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